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Roark's Formulas for Excel Tutorial
This presentation will show how the product works in Excel and highlight: the applications dashboard; how the product works; the superposition wizards and reporting. You will see what benefits this product provides anyone who uses this popular handbook.
Roark's Formulas for Excel: Tutorial Problem 1
Suppose you are designing a beam with a hollow rectangular section and you need to know the area, moment of inertia, and plastic section modulus. Start Excel and click on Roark’s Formulas for Excel (RFE) Explorer on the Roark’s Formulas for Excel Toolbar...
Roark's Formulas for Excel: Tutorial Problem 2
Let’s extend Problem 1 by adding beam support and load information. Specifically, assume that the beam will be steel, 6 ft long, fixed at both ends, with a maximum concentrated load of 2000 lbf at the center. You want to determine the deflection and stress values.
Roark's Formulas for Excel: Tutorial Problem 3
Suppose you decide to stick with the aluminum beam but you’re concerned about the deflection. You’d like to limit the deflection to .1 inch by resizing the beam cross section. For example, if you increase the dimension of side b, the deflection should decrease. The problem is how much do you change side b?
Roark's Formulas for Excel: Tutorial Problem 4
Let’s switch from beams to plates. The next problem involves a flat annular plate with uniform annular line load, fixed on the outside and free in the center. Open the Roark’s Formulas for Excel Explorer and select a case from Plates Table...
Roark's Formulas for Excel: Tutorial Problem 5
Continue with the annular plate from problem 4. To optimize the design, you would like to specify that the maximum deflection in the center be at most 10% of the plate thickness. You can use the Excel Solver to solve this problem.
TK Solver Player [Sample Files]
Load these samples into your free copy of TK Solver Player.
TK Solver & MathLook for Excel: Converting Cells To Rules
Many customers are interested in converting their existing spreadsheet files to TK Solver files. One reason is that TK files can be run with RuleMaster, effectively distributing those models worldwide from a single server. Application developers can maintain their code more easily in TK Solver and they don’t have to send new files to their end users every time they make a change.
TK Solver & MathLook for Excel: Adding Calculus Functions To Excel
Excel is a good tool for organizing and summarizing data. Programs such as TK Solver are better suited for solving more sophisticated problems. Fortunately, it is easy to use these two programs together. This case study shows how TK Solver can be used to do numerical integration with the results passed to Excel.
TK Solver & MathLook for Excel:TableSolutions
TK Solver’s versatile List Solver lets you generate tables and plots of variables within systems of equations. Once TK models are linked to Excel, you lose access to the List Solver but you can still use Excel’s functionality to generate tables of solutions based on the linked variables.