Roark & Young Users - Upgrade!
Why should you upgrade, you ask, from your tried-and-true copy of Roark & Young on TK? The recently published 7th Edition of Roark's Formulas for Stress and Strain is a brand new book, with a completely new organizational scheme and a lot more information. Interactive Roark's Formulas follows this new content, and has new features to make it even more powerful and useful. It's more than just an incremental change: it's almost a completely new product! Just compare the features in the table below. You get a lot more with Interactive Roark's Formulas.
  Roark & Young on TK–DOS
Roark & Young on TK–Windows
Interactive Roark's Formulas
Interactive models for all Roark tables and equations × × ×
Models customizablefor specific applications × × ×
Folllows Roark's Formulas 7th edition     ×
Models for composite materials     ×
Strain gage equations     ×
Formulas from non-numbered tables for large deflections of plates     ×
Materials tables   × ×
Mixed US-SI units choice × × ×
Selection of base units at installation   × ×
Units management wizard   × ×
Load diagrams × × ×
Preformatted plots   × ×
Cross section plots   × ×
Hot-linked MathLook     ×
Enhanced graphics     ×
Enhanced report writing     ×
Superposition capability × × ×
Superposition wizard     ×
Data-entry wizard     ×
Open architecture × × ×
Backsolving × × ×
Multiple iterations × × ×
Linkable to Microsoft Excel   × ×
OLE compliant   × ×
Automatic ASP creation     ×
Upgrade Pricing
Interactive Roark's Formulas is available in stand-alone and network versions, and matches the hardcover book Roark's Formulas for Stress and Strain, 7th edition.
Interactive Roark's Formulas requires the latest version of TK Solver. Upgrade from earlier versions of TK Solver.