Interactive Roark's Formulas as a Glance

Easy menu-driven access to all cases and tables in the 7th edition New Superposition Wizard makes calculating multiple loads a snap!
Data entry wizard offers pull-down lists Diagrams for each case Include one in your Word document!
You Also Get
  • Pre-formatted plots of deflection, stress, bending moments, and more
  • Full materials database
  • Calculation in US/English or SI (metric) units
  • Backsolving--try different design scenarios with ease!
    How You Benefit
  • Easy to learn: start solving problems instantly
  • Thoroughly user-tested: in continuous use since 1989
  • Provides quick solutions: solve problems and test what-if scenarios without hours of tedious calculations or programming
  • Streamlines the design process: fewer design iterations, less need for complicated finite element analysis
  • Expands design horizons: undertake designs formerly too complicated or expensive to attempt
  • Solid foundation: models and equations are backed by a widely accepted reference book
  • Enhances productivity: by 20 times or more!